Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Cakes: How To Save Money

There are typically seven areas/categories that could change the price of your wedding cake.
Take a look at each category and keep it to a bare minimum.
1)   Size. (Go as small as possible. Get a cake for around 70% of your guests.)
2)   Type or flavor of cake. (Keep it plain, such as all white. (vanilla))
2)   If you want a filling. (Do not get one.)
3)    Type of frosting. (Use whatever frosting the wedding cake bakery offers that does not cost extra. Have your cake frosted in white or if they don’t charge extra for a colored frosting have it colored to match one of your bridal colors.)
4)    How the cake is “set-up;” meaning the tiers could be stacked one on top of another, they could be separated, they could be spread out on a tube stand, or through some other elaborate means. (Get a stacked cake with no separators.)
5)    Decoration. Seventy percent of the price is usually reflected in the decoration.
(Get a design that only takes minimal skills to produce. Use frosting flowers instead of fresh ones. Do not buy a wedding cake topper. Instead, have your wedding cake bakery make frosting flowers.)
       6)  Distance of the delivery.  (Pick-up the cake.)
Here are some other unusal ideas to save money. 
Traditional wedding cakes have evolved over the last 5-15 years from white wedding cake with a classic decorating style into other dessert ideas. In our interviews and research, we found a few interesting ideas to save money and be different. They are:
1)    Buying a smaller wedding cake and having your aunt or grandma make additional sheet cakes to serve.
2)    Buying mini-donuts and piling them up to form a white-looking wedding cake.
3)    Going to McDonalds and buying hundreds of their 2 for one dollar apple and cherry pies as a dessert to be used in place of a traditional wedding cake. The cost, .50 per serving.
4)    Buying Twinkies at the day old store. You sprinkle powdered sugar on them and place them on trays. The cost, about .35 per piece.
5)    Serving plain frosted cupcakes, notice I said plain, not decorated, and placed on a cupcake stand that can be rented at a rental store. The cost about .75 per serving.
6)    Serving cookies with your initials on them. The cost, as low as .75 per serving.
7)    Placing a plain 8” cake on each table or grouping of 10 people. The cost, as low as .75 per serving.

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