Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lighting in the room will affect your colors

Yes, lighting affects colors on your wedding cake. This is a common and overlooked item for any inexperienced wedding cake baker.

The most common three sources of light for an Omaha wedding cake will be:
·         natural sunlight
·         fluorescent (those long tubes lights)
·         incandescent (what you think of as a common household light bulb).

Most Omaha wedding cake designers work under fluorescent lighting. That means when they mix your colors they are being mixed and matched under fluorescent lighting.

If your reception uses incandescent lighting, the colors on your cake may look anywhere from one shade off to the next color most closely related to it on the color wheel.

As an example, if your color is peach and the designer mixes the color under fluorescent lights, the color could appear to look pink under incandescent lightening.

In another example, the wedding cake baker mixes a dark red frosting under fluorescent lighting, but it could appear to look like burgundy under incandescent lighting.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a catchall blanket answer for this question. There are so many different types of lighting that give off different casts of colors, no one can predict with certainty how your colors will look with 100% accuracy.

This is an area where you need to cut your wedding cake designer some slack. They will mix your colors as close as possible to the swatch or other item you bring them.

Please keep in mind, they do not have any control over the lighting at your reception site.
If you have a question regarding the colors on your wedding cake, leave me a comment.

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