Monday, September 3, 2012

Hiring a friend of a friend to do your wedding cake

Here are the details straight from a bride I interviewed right here in Omaha. Pay close attention if you're considering hiring someone that does it...on the side.

“Hi, my name is Ashley. I would like to share with you my personal disaster story. Let me begin by saying, do not bend to any pressure to keep the peace with anyone you know.
Hire a licensed professional who decorates wedding cakes in Omaha for a living, not on the side or as a part-time hobby.

I am going to tell you what happened to me in no certain order. This is like a comedy of errors or horrors…
·     I could never reach her when I wanted to. She always called me back when she got around to it.
·     Her oven wasn’t big enough to bake the bottom layer of my wedding cake, so she pieced together smaller cakes to make a larger bottom cake.
·     The frosting was crusty and tasted like it had granules of sand in it.
·     She bought monogram initials for me to put on top of the cake, but they were the wrong initials.
·     Since my wedding was close to Christmas, she decided to decorate the cake with live Poinsettias. Afterwards, I found out they are poisonous and you never place them in contact with food.
·     She didn’t have anywhere to store the wedding cake the night before the reception, so to keep it cold, she kept it in the trunk of her car.” 

Now then, what can I add? This story illustrates the all too common, but…I’ll save a $100.
After all, she’s a friend of my neighbors daughters brother-in-laws sister’s aunt.
If someone says they know someone through someone who…DON'T even think about it!
If you're looking to save $100 on your wedding cake, you'll save more than that by using the quote service on
If the bride in this story didn't give you enough reasons to pause, consider one that could cost you thousands; make sure they have commercial liablilty insurance. Otherwise, you're taking  a chance far beyond saving a couple tanks of gas.

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