Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Cake Topper: Is it too heavy?

Yes, there is a chance your wedding cake topper could fall. On the other hand, “if” your wedding cake designer knows what they are doing, you shouldn’t have to worry.
Any Omaha wedding cake baker who has experience with large and heavy cake toppers knows how to properly support it. 

If you didn’t purchase the wedding cake topper from the cake artist who is decorating your bride’s cake, always—always bring it to them to show them how large and heavy it is.

Here is a check list of what your wedding cake designer needs to know: a) how tall it is, b) how wide it is, c) how heavy it is, and d) what color it is.
Let me explain the “why” behind all four of these questions.

1)    How tall is it? If it goes on top of the cake, a really short or tall wedding cake topper can look odd and improperly sized. If it goes in-between the tiers, you need to know it will fit. All too often a bride will buy a topper that is 12” tall, but it needs to fit in-between 10” pillars.

2)    How wide is it? If the base of your topper is 8” wide, but the top tier of your wedding cake is 6” wide, you have a problem. If your wedding cake ornament is going in-between the tiers, your baker needs to make sure it will fit on the plate that separates the tiers. 

3)    How heavy is it? This is a concern when your topper is placed on top of the cake. If your wedding cake ornament is heavy, your baker will put some sort of support in the top tier to accommodate the topper’s weight. Without support, your topper will most likely dig into the cake resulting in cracked or bulging sides. Or worse, your topper could slowly lean to one side until it falls off.

4)    What color(s) is it? There are usually two reasons your Omaha wedding cake designer wants to know the color. First, they want to match the color of the frosting on the wedding cake to the color of the topper. This is usually the case when the color of the topper is all ivory. The second reason, when they want to match colors on the topper to the colors being used for hand-made flowers on the cake.
Some brides do not feel comfortable leaving their topper with their wedding cake designer, which is understandable.

The 3 top reasons are:

·         Because it is a family heirloom.
·         It is very expensive.
·         They simply prefer to bring it to the reception site themselves.

Just remember, if you decide not to leave it with your wedding cake designer always make sure they see it at least a couple weeks before your reception. This gives them adequate time to address any of the four check listed items.

Do you have a question about your wedding cake topper? Leave it in the "post a comment" box.

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