Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is it okay to get price quotes over the phone?

Well sort of…here’s what I mean. I want you to think about buying a wedding cake like shopping for a car.
Let’s say you call a Hyundai dealership and start asking them how much they charge for the different models they have on the lot and you are told they vary between $14,000 and $36,000. Then, you call a Ferrari dealership and they tell you they vary between $125,000 and $335,000.
You begin to think, how can there be that much price difference?
Don’t they both have an engine, four wheels, and a CD player?
Are you getting my point? Wedding cakes are the same. There are Hyundai’s and there are Ferrari’s. Which can you afford? So, to answer your question, calling on the phone for prices is only a good idea to the extent it allows you to know where you should shop.
You must go to the different cake shops and SEE what they offer. The visualization of seeing their work and speaking with a person to understand what they offer is not only far superior to asking for prices over the phone, but a mandatory step you must perform.
Otherwise, the price you receive over the phone leaves you sort of clueless.
This answer is a clear illustration of why I began OmahaWeddingCakes.com. Now, you can send photos to our service and receive prices for actual wedding cakes you like, instead of asking for general prices.

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