Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Should I go to bridal shows to look for a baker?

The overwhelming answer according to our brides is YES!
With that said, when we asked bakers whether they were did at least one bridal show per year in Omaha around 85% said no!

This means you wont see or meet 85% of the bakers in Omaha at any shows.

Let me tell you something about bridal shows. The smallest wedding cake bakers or the ones whose sales are slacking the most are usually the ones youll find at smaller bridal shows.

This is true for two reasons. First, they dont have a way for most brides to find them. Many of them work out of their homes, or small a boutique.

At a bridal show, they want you to judge them on their talent and form an opinion before you actually visit them.

A bridal show brings the brides to them. They cannot afford to pay $1000 or more a month for pay for click Internet advertising, yellow page ads, or advertising in local bridal magazines. A bridal show gives them an opportunity to shine.

Larger bakers typically represent themselves at major bridal shows. They want to brand” themselves into your mind.

They dont get that kind of return on investment at smaller bridal shows. They know it is more difficult to sell you at a bridal show, so they attempt to lure you in and visit with a wedding cake consultant at your leisure.

ADVICE: If most wedding cake bakers don't use bridal fairs to  show their skills and talents, you'll have to use other search methods to locate additional bakers.

Please share your experience with bridal shows.