Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding Cake Toppers: Ugly or Nice?

Whether a wedding cake topper is ugly or gorgeous is for you to decide.

As a veteran of the wedding cake business, I can tell you wedding cake toppers have improved immensely in looks and quality since around 2005. 

There must be at least “30” times the companies and individuals that produce toppers prior to 2005.

On the web you can find everything from traditional couples, to gay couples, to themed couples such as western wear, military uniforms, and motorcycle riding couples. You can find cutesy pigs, cows, ducks, bunnies, and Ma and Pa Kettle couples.

The popular trend over the last 5-7 years has been monogram initials, either one larger one for the couple’s last name or three initials, two for the couples’ first names and one for the last name.

The vast variety of options is bringing brides back to using wedding cake toppers. If you look, I think you might be pleasantly surprised.
WeddingCake.org even has a whole list of places for you to look.

My suggestion: Anyone can put fresh flowers on top of a wedding cake and make it look beautiful. However, to have an unusual topper that is interesting and unique can be memorable and create a “WOW” factor.
If you have any questions about wedding cake toppers or any other wedding cake related topic, please post a (question) comment under any of my posts and I'll repeat the question and answer it in a dedicated post. 

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